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Beau’s Weather Observatory

Weather Observatory

Located in southern Illinois and a neighbor to western Kentucky, this hill in Massac County is the perfect spot to monitor the atmosphere. The property was first purchased by my family in 1888 and it is where I grew up. I first fell in love with the elements after witnessing dozens of extreme weather events from on top on this hill; severe thunderstorms, to tornadoes, ice, and snow storms. Now I am bringing the hill to you!

The Shadow Angel Foundation

Shadow Angel Foundation

Born out of a disaster and a dream, the Shadow Angel Foundation was founded to give comfort and hope to children dealing with difficult circumstances. For children living in poverty, coping with a medical emergency or recovering from a natural disaster, the Shadow Angel Foundation reaches out to provide the littlest community members with the help they need.

Beau’s WeatherTalk Blog

WeatherTalk Blog

Beau Dodson’s weather analysis for the southern Illinois and western Kentucky area. Keep up with your favorite weather forecasting resources, take a look at Beau’s useful Weather Apps, forecasting Quicklinks, and potential advertising space for your business! The WeatherTalk blog is not part of the Shadow Angel Foundations projects.

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